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About Me

Since I was 13 years old, I’ve dreamed of completely transforming education. 


My undergraduate thesis proposed revolutionary change in the American educational model. The idea and possibility that we can change the way education is administered in this country guides almost everything I put into the world. 


Having my own quirky kids lit a fire in me and compelled me to make my vision a reality. In 2011, with a team of amazing colleagues, I founded a charter school


It’s a privilege to teach at UCF. I’m able to research educational issues that perplex me and engage with students in compelling dialogues on how to promote optimal learning and development through great instruction. 


Fostering the development of educational systems that engage all children, particularly those from underserved populations, is truly my life’s work. I'm thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of my new book on how to help all kids THRIVE in school.


​In addition to educational issues, I'm passionate about my faith. I also spend a good amount of time thinking and learning about health and productivity. Music, books, movies, iOS apps, poetry, and trees are also on the list.


Oh, and birds. Especially Eastern bluebirds.

I'm also a certified yoga instructor, where my passion for teaching helps folks craft a personalized practice.


If you want to connect with me and this movement to transform educational practices, sign up for my newsletter where I share my latest writings on transforming public education, teaching and learning, and other musings. If you are wanting to join the revolution, connect with other like-minded folks on our Facebook page.

I post prose and short essays to Medium from time to time, so you can find a little of everything I do over there. Or learn more about my blog posts here. If you want to stay in touch, you can follow me below on your fave social media site.

Disclaimer: All posts on this site represent my personal perspectives and are not representative of UCF, Galileo School, or any other organization.

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About Me: About Me
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